My name is O. I'm a product designer who also happens to do front-end development.

85K+ Members GoodnightJournal.com

GoodnightJournal is a free diary / personal journal for anyone who wants to write journals online. GoodnightJournal.com has acquired over 85,000 registered members and it is growing. After writing journals …Read More

othoo.com for skaters

I love skating! othoo.com is a website for inline skaters   I created othoo.com for inline skaters where they can share & get skating news, information, videos and events. Skating …Read More

WordPress Theme/Plugin Development

WordPress Themes and Plugins! Yes, this site (www.OhsikPark.com) is built on Ohsik.   Official WordPress Theme Ohsik I have developed this simple WordPress theme to help people to build their …Read More

Conversion Centered Design

Conversion centered design for lead generation website. This WordPress site needed a new look for better performance. I designed the entire site from scratch and developed it to WordPress theme. …Read More

Design + Frond End development

rubstr connects customers with massage therapists. I was a visual designer and a front-end developer on this project in a small team. Unfortunately, we had to drop the project before …Read More