Google Spreadsheet Sub Columns

October 9, 2013   Ohsik Park

Making a tutorial video of new feature on Google Spreadsheet.

So why did I do this? At my work, we always have a problem with Google spreadsheet that we share with over 10 people. It just gets really messy after each person putting their stuffs. One day, I was just thinking to organize this better so people can find the information they need quickly.

I came up with this simple Sub Columns tool that would be a great function for people like us then I thought it might be fun to make a fake tutorial video of this function instead of just saying “Please make something that we can organize our spreadsheet better” to Google. So I did.

As you can probably tell, this is my very first tutorial video (Actually, I tired couple times before but never shared with anyone cause I was embarrassed with my accent). Although it might look funny, I had lot of fun and learned lot of things while I was working on this project.

On this post, I would like to share things I did for making this video.


Brain storming….


Brain storming….






My living room turned into small studio (seems like it’s almost impossible to get good video quality without putting money on light equipment) ….


Getting HD video from my cellphone….


Putting animations in….



Even though, I couldn’t get the quality I wanted, I loved this project and I will keep going for more stuffs like this.