iOS application development

January 24, 2015   Ohsik Park

iOS application(Single View Application) development in Xcode 6.1.1


Setting up workspace

  1. Launch Xcode and click Create a new Xcode project.
  2. Select Single View Application then click Next
  3. Enter Product Name then click Next (Set device to Universal)

Save project file in your computer. It will take you to the main interface.


Add Web View to main storyboard

Load View controller by clicking Main.storyboard on the left panel. Drag and drop Web View from object library on the right bottom of the interface to View Controller.

For Universal device set up, we want to make the Web View acting responsive on different screen size devices. To do that, constraint Web View by clicking Pin button on the bottom of Main window. Set number values and make sure you constraint them by clicking distance icon(or lines). It will turns to red. See below video if you don’t understand


Create outlet on ViewController.h by Drag and Drop Web View to ViewController.h

Open up assistant editor, then open View Controller.h in assistant editor.

Control Click Web View then drag and drop in to ViewController.h file in the code right before the @end. Give it a name and set Storage to strong and click Connect.

This will make the code look like below.


Load the website(URL) on the Web View

Click Viewcontroller.m on the left panel to open up the file.

Add code to load URL after [super viewDidLoad]; // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. Make sure your entire code look like below.


Test your Web View

Click play icon on the left top of the screen to test if it loads the URL properly.


Add navigation buttons on tool bar

Adjust Web View size on the bottom to get the space for tool bar. Drag and drop Toolbar from object library on the bottom right of the screen. Locate it right underneath Web View. Add buttons on the Toolbar by dragging and dropping Bar Button item on Toolbar from object library. Add 4 of them and name it to “Back”, “Forward”, “Roload” and “Stop”

Select each buttons and hold down Control then drag and drop to Web View to connect with actual functionality. You can just select the functionality on the pop up select after you drag and drop. It will be very intuitive.

See below video for the entire steps


Now test it again to see everything works okay


Publish App on App Store

  • Get iOS developer ID (Yes, I think it’s too expensive too)
  • Setup iTunes connect account
  • Archiving and Validating Your App (App Distribution Guide)
  • Uploading Your App Using Xcode

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