Making a Content Management System – eTech CMS

June 18, 2015   Ohsik Park

*work in progress


eTech CMS is a single page content management system that is simple and offers an intuitive interface. My role in this project was to come up with a base concept and prototype. For doing that, I had to find out what kind of content set SEO specialists want and figure out how the entire back-end works accordingly.



Fast and light-weighted CMS with an intuitive user interface.



  1. Brainstorming & researching

    Taking inputs from writers, SEO specialists and developers to find out functionalities we want and narrow them down to essential functions to start from. Once, I have the list of functions we want to do on CMS, I went thought bunch of CMS and Frameworks such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ExpressEngine, and etc.. to get the better idea of building an user friendly and efficient CMS we need.

  2. Building a prototype


    After the research and rough planning, I came up with an actual back-end user interface HTML page with a simple documentation that we can start from. Having a HTML prototype makes it easy to demonstrate how things are working efficiently.
    eTech CMS Rough Prototype

  3. Revisions


    After multiple meetings on that documentation, we were able to improve it. I needed to talked John (one of the developers at my work) to get the database architecture better. He also helped me to get the idea of how some of the functionalities will work. Below is the revision of the prototype and documentation of eTech CMS.
    HTML prototype eTech CMS documentation

  4. Development ready

    Converting prototype to development ready HTML page.


Library Used

  • jQuery (
  • jQuery UI (
  • Remodal (
  • Packery (
  • TinyMCE (
  • ionicons (

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