Compliment Me Style Guide

Style guide for Compliment Me iOS App

1. Branding

The first concept was to use rainbow colors to make it look warm, happy, cozy and welcoming. I really like to keep the color theme and wanted to reflect that on logo as well. App icon contains all background colors used as backgrounds and have a heart to show the happiness and love becuase Complimenter app will make you feel loved ;)

2. Layout

Download image(PNG) for original size. Tutorial mock up is empty now but will be updated as soon as we figured out how we want to make our app work and finalize UI.

3. Colors


Yellow is used as main color(Used on logo and History background). All the other colors will be used on background for compliment messages.

4. Typography

Main font: Courier Bold (Used everywhere)

Sub font: Courier Regular (Used on Date in history screen)

5. Buttons

All buttons replaced with icons.

6. Icons

Click to download PDF files for each icon.