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June 19, 2015   Ohsik Park




Fast content delivery

  • Prioritizing content and place them accordingly
  • Make it easy to read and navigate



Easy to use blog with simple structure and code

There are lots of beautiful WP themes. However, many of them are very heavy and overloaded with bunch of extra features that you don’t probably need. I wanted to make a theme has a very simple structure and minimum features to make it easy to build a custom theme on the top of it.


Design points:

Simplicity, usability and legibility

I asked myself a same question many time “What does blog do?”. It might do many different things but to me it all comes down to delivering content. Blog does not exist with out content and good blog has good content and it delivers well. Especially nowadays, people don’t want to waste time to look for the content they want. They will simply move on to next site. What I want to achieve here is to deliver content as fast as possible. Simplicity is the key to make the interface efficient for users to find the content they look for. I also want to make sure the content is easy to scan through and read. There are some different opinions on this but I decided to adapt the idea of Optimal Line Length between 45-75 characters per line to make it easy to read.


Layout & Structure:

Index, Page, Category and Article

I used 4 main layouts on Simtiful. However, you can add your own layout and build your own structure. For this project, I thought these 4 layouts are the minimum requirement to create user friendly blog site. Keep it simple with minimum functionalities that will make it easy for people to customize.



Make your beautiful website with Simtiful

I believe a good website should be built with the product, target customers and goals in mind. Simtiful offers very basic design for the blog site that will help you to build your beautiful website.


Prototype Live Demo

Simtiful is now available on repository. (Oct/07/2015)
Download from


5 thoughts on “Simtiful – WordPress blog theme

  1. Hi,

    Great and highly usueable theme.
    One question: how do i change the background image to the cover night sky scene on the homepage. Iam using the editor tool within WordPress rather than uploading my own files.

    A really basic guide (i am an amateur) would be great!



  2. Hi Hugo,

    Easiest way to do this will be replacing the `img/main-banner.jpg` by using your favorite FTP program. (how to)

    or you can override CSS for the background image.

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