Skate Chicago 2016

January 17, 2016   Ohsik Park

2 hours in 3 days is the time I spent to make this website due to the tight timeline. Fortunately, we just needed a simple website to deliver the information about the event and a form for RSVP. I was able to manage it in 6 hours maybe little more for inspiration time 😉

Back Story

It’s been awhile we have been talking about hosting a skating event in Chicago. Finally, we took the first step. I started project with wonderful 3 other people who all contributed something to make this event happen!

2 hours on the first day

Getting ready for a website
I created rough layout for the content by the categories; About, Schedule and RSVP. Google Doc allow me to share this to other members in the team and make them review, add, remove and modify the content. After I handed over the content layout to other members in the team, I spent rest of time researching all sorts of event websites and art assets to get the blue print of our website.

2 hours on second day

Review and dive in
On the second day, I actually met up with one of the members in the team at the bar and spent 2 hours together. It’s not that we had to meet this is because he lives 4 blocks away from me. We started with a short meeting and I dived into creating website while my friend was finalizing the content.

– WordPress as base (Started from one of my WordPress themes Ohsik)
– Single page website contains three sections (About, Schedule and RSVP)
– Google form for RSVP

I know these are not the best stack I can go with but allowed me to work fast and do the job that we wanted to do on our site(Delivering information about the event and RSVP).

Today, I was able to set everything up for the real work!
I got my content and art assets ready to go and set my local environment ready to develop a single page WordPress theme for the event site.

2 hours on third day

Develop and launch
So the third day was just me spending entire 2 hours at my computer. Using a WordPress theme Ohsik( really speed up the entire process. All I have to do is creating a page template with a new design.

Here is what I came up with after spending 2 hours in 3 days.

Skate Chicago 2016

We really needed a simple website to be up in couple of days to get this event going. This website will constantly updated and improved as we get more information and any changes we might have for the event.

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