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Yes, this site (www.OhsikPark.com) is built on Ohsik.


Official WordPress Theme Ohsik

I have developed this simple WordPress theme to help people to build their own WordPress Theme.

Ohsik is built to be a great starting point for your custom WordPress theme. Light weight pure CSS responsive WordPress theme.

  • Light Weight, 100% CSS responsive
  • Very SIMPLE and EASY to use
  • Full Responsive Grid System and Dynamic Navigation
  • Good way to learn how to build WordPress custom theme

See at WordPress.org Check out the project


Simtiful WordPress theme

Easy to use blog theme.

See at WordPress.org Check out the project


Write Here WordPress Plugin

Simple front end form for WordPress. Write Here will allow you to have registered users to write & manage articles from front end.

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Favorite Authors WordPress Plugin

Favorite Authors allows you to add all of your favorite authors on your account.

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